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HAIT & T Foundation is a concerned group of Trinidadians who have decided to undertake the rebuilding of the Internat Sainte Madeleine (formerly La Madeleine Orphanage) in Haiti.  The building for one hundred children was a recent construction and was ready to begin operations when the earthquake struck. 
Now, there are only ruins. 

What happened on 12th January 2010 was a disaster of a magnitude that would have sent any country reeling.  It is the greatest humanitarian disaster on record.  More than 222,570 people died, 300,572 injured and 1.3 million homeless - the entire population of Trinidad and Tobago. 
The first response delivered basic shelter to survivors.  Today, more than 4 years later, humanitarian needs are still acute.  There is a great need to ensure a better long term future, not just for survivors in the most affected areas but throughout the country. 

At the present an orphanage is ever more important, considering the large number of children who lost parents on January 12th 2010.  HAIT&T Foundation chose to rebuild the Internat Sainte Madeleine, the orphanage run by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny. The group is confident that once the orphanage is constructed it will have longevity as it will be managed by the Cluny Sisters.  The children will be offered adequate nourishment, good health, education as well as equipping them with moral and spiritual values.

The disaster of Haiti is slipping from the headlines and from our attention.  We must re-commit ourselves now to our role in supporting the Haitian people. Please give of your time, talent and financial resources in order to make this worthwhile project a reality.

The PROJECT: Rebuilding Internat Sainte Madeleine

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